"A notary is a state-appointed and authorized person to carry out notarial activities and other activities according to the Notarial Code. Its mission is to conceive notarial deeds and perform notarial acts where the parties, clients, participants want to give authenticity to public document. Notary is an impartial arbiter of the agreements conducted at his/her presence, the legal adviser of the parties, the guarantor of decency and certainty of contractual relations." Art. I.ods. 1 of the Notary's Code of Ethics.

Notaries are according to §3 and others of Act No. 323/1992 (Notarial Regulation) drafting and issuing documents on legal acts, creating the certification of legally significant facts, proceedings in matters of notarial custody, proceedings in matters of notarial central registers and activities of a certifying person. In connection with the performance of notarial activities, a notary may provide legal advice to natural persons and legal persons, draw up other documents, manage assets and represent them in connection with the administration of their assets and provide representation in cadastral proceedings. 

Notarial deed

  • Purchase / donation contract
  • Agreement on the narrowing / extension of joint property of spouses
  • Testament, instrument of dis-invocation, revocation of these acts
  • Enforcement order
  • Certificate of the conduct of general meetings and meetings of legal entities
  • Certificate of lottery progress
  • Certificate of auction progress  
  • and other...

Notarial custody / bailment

  • Custody of securities
  • Deposit of title-deeds
  • Keeping of papers
  • Records retention

Notarial central registers

  • Certificates stating the legal status of a firm
  • Acts in Liens register
  • Acts in Auction register
  • Acts in Testaments register

Certified photocopies of documents

  • Certificate of accuracy of the copy or photocopy of the document


  • Certificate of authenticity of the signature on the document

Legal advice

  • Representation in cadastral proceedings for transfers of real estate
  • Representation in proceedings before the Commercial Register
  • Consutling
  • and other...

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